About us

Thanks for checking out I Don’t Drink Much. We’re just trying to muscle in with the big guys – no names mentioned.   

Let’s be honest, if you’re a social butterfly just like us, whether it’s the latest rooftop bar, keeping it low-key in your local, hosting to show off your gourmet culinary skills or just chilling at home, it most certainly, definitely involves a drink.

I Don’t Drink Much is here to bring a balance - it doesn’t always have to be alcoholic.

Why not mix it up and introduce your family and friends to a more refreshing way of drinking. I Don’t Drink Much offers a great selection of non-alcoholic, low alcoholic/calorie, free-from, vegan and all the above.

No more whispering at parties asking for “juice please”. Just because you don’t drink, doesn’t mean you don’t want something sophisticated to sip.

And for those who are not ready to completely go sober or teetotal, we hear you, neither are we. So, we decided to also offer a small selection of what we call our ‘weekend treats’. Yes, these drinks are alcoholic but most importantly, they are made by small independent producers, because we love to support the underdogs of the drinks industry. 

It’s all about finding a balance, so join us and let’s cheers to new discoveries. Perfect for all occasions and celebrations...even if you're just chilling at home alone.